Download PDF Format of Programme : PPA 2017 Midyear Convention Program Final


Day 1:   July 26, 2017 (Wednesday)                                                                                                                         Venue:  Ballroom  2 & 3
Time Schedule:

1:00 – 3:00 PM


2:45 PM


3:00 PM












3:30 PM





4:30 PM





Master of Ceremonies:                                                Ma. Theresa V. Castañeda, MD, FPPA     


Philippine National Anthem

PPA Hymn


Michelene E. Buot, MD, FPPA (Life)


Welcome Remarks and Opening of the Midyear Convention & Post-Graduate Course


Rene M. Samaniego, MD, FPPA

PPA President



Introduction of the Keynote Speaker



Cornelio G. Banaag, Jr., MD, FPSCAP, FPPA(Life)


Keynote Address


Pacita Ramos-Salceda, MD, FPPA(Life)


Awarding of Certificates & Token


PPA Board of Directors


Overview of the Convention


Rhodora Andrea M. Concepcion, MD, FPSCAP, FPPA


Forum on Mental Health Bill


Edgardo Juan L. Tolentino, Jr. , MD, FPPA (Life)


Time Schedule:

8:00AM  – 3:00PM


7:30 AM






9:00 AM  



9:05 AM



9:35 AM  


10:05 AM


10:20 AM





10:40 AM  


11:10 AM 



11:40 AM  







12:00 NN









2:00 PM



2:05 PM  



2:35 PM  


3:05 PM





3:15 PM


3:20 PM


3:50 PM



4:20 PM


4:50 PM



6:30 PM






REGISTRATION                                                                                        Venue:  Ballroom 2 & 3


Daybreak Session:  Mindfulness Meditation                                                   Facilitator:  Jannel Gatlabayan-Cleto, MD, FPPA

  Venue: Cattleya Function Room




Plenary Symposium 1: The Evolution of  Psychiatrists

Chair:    Gerardo Carmelo B. Salazar, MD, FPNA                                                                           

Introduction of Speakers

The Psychodynamic Therapist:

Using Depth in Transforming Psyche


Alma L. Jimenez, MD, FPPA (Life)


On Being A Circuit Psychiatrist


Eufemio E. Sobrevega, MD, FPNA, FPPA (Life)


Open Forum



Plenary Symposium 2:   A Tough Tussle: Can Such Things Be?

Chair:    Lovie Hope Go-Chu, MD, FPPA



Chair:    Lovie Hope Go-Chu, MD, FPPA



Introduction of Speakers

The Exceptional Patient:

Dealing with Challenging Relationships


Fareda Fatima A. Flores, MD, FPPA


Once Upon A Loss:

When A Patient Dies to Suicide


Rene M. Samaniego, MD, FPPA


Open Forum





Medichem  Sponsored  symposium


“300: Overcoming the Odds”

Ma. Annette DG. Bautista, MD, FPNA, FPPA (Life)




Plenary Symposium 3:   Keeping Sane: How To Get Going When The Going Gets Rough

Chair:    Beverly A. Azucena, MD, FPPA




Chair:    Lovie Hope Go-Chu, MD, FPPA


Introduction of Speakers


When Illness Strikes:

A Psychiatrist in the Face of Perils


June Caridad P. Lopez, MD, FPPA(Life)



The Psychobiology of  Resilience


Jocelyn Nieva Yatco-Bautista MD, FPSCAP, FPPA (Life)


Open Forum


Plenary Symposium 4: Beyond the Clinic Walls: A Larger Life 

Chair:  Romel T. Papa, MD, DSBPP


Chair:    Lovie Hope Go-Chu, MD, FPPA

Introduction of Speakers  

The Social Consciousness of Psychiatrists Today


The Paragon:

Reshaping and Reinventing The Self


Lourdes L. Ignacio, MD, FPPA (Life)


Antonio C. Sison, MD, FPSO, DPDS, DPSVI, FPPA (Life)



Life Beyond Medicine


Edwin A. Menguito, MD, FPPA (Life)


Open Forum





Fellowship Night

“Psychiatrists on Spotlight: An Evening of Harmony”





Day 3:   July 28, 2017 (Friday)                                                                                         Venue:  Ballroom 2 & 3

8:30AM  – 12:00NN


7:30 AM



9:00 AM  



9:05 AM


9:35 AM


10:05 AM  


10:35 AM


10:50 AM  



11:00 AM  













1:00 PM























Daybreak Session:  Yoga                                                                                     Facilitator:  Ms. Rozelle Diu-dela Cruz

  Venue: Cattleya Function Room


Plenary Symposium 5: In Search of Meaning: A  Journey Through Psychiatry

Chair:        Ma. Monica Cardinez-Tan, MD, FPPA

Introduction of Speakers

Neuroplasticity and Human Happiness


Arnold Angelo M. Pineda, MD, FPNA, DSBPP


Mapping A Path To Well-Being


Benita SA. Ponio, MD, FPPA(Life)


The  Journey:  Story of A  Psychiatrist


Cornelio G. Banaag, Jr., MD, FPSCAP, FPPA(Life)


Open Forum





PPA Business Meeting

(Exclusively for Life Fellows/Fellows, Diplomates & Regular Members)






Otsuka  Sponsored  symposium


“Aripiprazole in the Long-Term Treatment of Schizophrenia”

Tetsuro Kikuchi, DVM, PhD

 Professor Nagesh Pai MD, MBBS, DPM (India), CCST Gen Adult Psychiatry (UK), FRANZCP; DNB Psych






















  Venue: Ballroom 2 & 3


Master of Ceremonies:                                                Joan Mae Perez-Rifareal, MD, FPPA


Feature Presentation


Alliance of Northern and Central Luzon Psychiatrists (ANCLP)


Summary of Convention Events


Rhodora Andrea M. Concepcion, MD, FPSCAP, FPPA


Induction of New Associate Members

of the Philippine Psychiatric Association                                   


Hon. Judge Rosalina L. Pison (Ret.)

Rene M. Samaniego, MD, FPPA

Benita SA Ponio, MD, FPPA(Life)



Closing Remarks


Rene M. Samaniego, MD, FPPA


PPA Hymn